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El's Mirror Teacher BOGO



Teachers, take advantage of this offer to get a BOGO - buy one, get one (free) - two for the price of one. For the price of a single Paperback ($12.97 + tax), you will receive 2 Paperbacks and 2 Posters so that you can pass your second copies to another teacher or family.

//This is a Presale item that will ship no later than November 27, 2020.//


El's Mirror 9.25-inch square paperback book (44 pages); words by Ellison & Bavu Blakes; Pictures by A.H. Taylor

Cloud of Witnesses 14-inch square foldout poster; illustrated by Samax Amen, inspired by El's Mirror


“When I look in the mirror, I see somebody who kind of looks like me…”

Young El starts kindergarten with high expectations for his school experience. Unexpected challenges force him to learn from other people’s mistakes. El’s family, and a few familiar faces, help him find his way. He even starts to understand the world by looking at himself.

You are welcome to this realistic journey through everyday children’s stories where objects in the mirror are closer than they appear.

Welcome to El’s Mirror, an upper elementary picture book and a reflective tool for families, parents, mentors, leaders, and educators of children.